What is it that makes Hyland Recovery the No.1 choice?

Apart from the 24 hour Roadside assistance, Towing, Breakdown, Accident Recovery and specialized vehicle lifting, we also provide a 24 hour Mobile Mechanic service, mobile on site fuel draining , mobile diagnostic, fault diagnosis and repair. Furthermore we are developing something totally unique to the industry. We are the only recovery company in the country that has its own 24hr repair centre & and tyre fitting service. How mad is that?

We have long since felt that in today’s Ireland people shouldn’t have to wait till the next morning to have their vehicle fixed when, in certain circumstances, it can be taken straight in at any hour of the night and repaired on the spot. This allows Ireland’s motorists to drive at night knowing that we’ll be there on hand to help in the event of a breakdown and will aim to get our customers back on the move with minimum delay.

We can and very often do provide secure vehicle storage for all types of vehicles at the owners request.

Wrong Fuel?

This is a service that we have begun providing over the past few years on a mobile basis. We figure that its cheaper and more convenient for our customers to have their fuel tanks drained on the spot instead of being transported to a garage somewhere, especially outside of business hours instead of being without their vehicle for a day or two.

We have provided this service to people all over Leinster and beyond… we’ll always make sure we do our very best for people to get them on their way.

Mobile Mechanic Service

Now this is a service we love doing. To fix a vehicle on the spot so that its owner can get on their way without any further delay is something that makes our technicians feel invincible!

Our customers are always pleased when we get their vehicles sorted which is very rewarding for us. We feel that a happy customer is one who will return to us again in the future and you can’t put a price on that 🙂